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How to make your fortune on the highway to hell


Want a mini-masterclass in writing emails, blogs, anything?

Then watch this opera singer — Cristina — on a Spanish talent show.


Notice what she did.

She started off in a nice, classy dress… singing opera… beautifully.

And everybody expected a certain type of performance.

Check out the judge in black leather during the opera bit. Ho-hum.

Then… in a flash… the world changed.

She ripped off her dress… and turned into a rocker-chick who’d make ACDC proud.

She’s an excellent opera singer.

And an excellent rocker.

But the contrast between what people expected, and what she delivered, made the performance stunning.

Imagine if she came out rocking hard from the start.

It’d be good.

But it wouldn’t be shocking.

And she probably wouldn’t stun the judges and audience.

What she did is called a “pattern interrupt”.

All good authors use it.

And it’s what makes humor work.

So, how does this help you make money?

Glad you asked, grasshopper.

When you write, start readers in a certain direction… then change direction in a flash.

You’ll stun then.

And they’ll hang on every word.

Replay the video, and compare the leather judge before and after Cristina’s sudden switch.

Before, he couldn’t care less. He’d seen it a million times. Ho hum.

After? He was electrified. Couldn’t get enough. Demanded that his fellow judge hit the gold button to send Cristina to the next round.

Great performance, Cristina!

And great marketing too.

Remember the first 2 lines of this post?

That’s an example of a pattern interrupt you could and should use in emails to get people to keep reading.

So, now you know how the “the highway to hell” made Maria a fortune (she won the competition)… and how her technique could get you started on yours too.

And, when you’re ready to make even more money with your marketing skills,