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All that glitters is not old


Have you seen “Space Cowboys”?

In 1958, some cocky, young Air Force pilots — Hawk and Frank — are training to fly to the moon.

Then NASA gets the job, and these guys miss out on the adventure of their lives.

In 1998, NASA needs help rescuing an old satellite with obsolete equipment… so they ask Hawk and Frank for help.

Now, the old timers have to teach the cocky, young astronauts how to fly the space shuttle without a computer… and re-program equipment with antique code.

They have to show the cocky kids how it was done back in the day.

Along the way the old pilots are ridiculed.

“I hear you guys were in the war.”

“That’s right.”

“Which side? North or South?”

But they suck it up… hang in there… trust their skills… and save the day.

Cool movie.

Couple of important points here for making money.

What does “Space Cowboys” have in common with “RED”?

In both movies, older people do remarkable things. Things that the cocky youngsters don’t expect.

And then there’s “The Replacements” and “Major League”.

This time the new guys aren’t old… but they’re more like average guys than sporting super-stars.

Notice the trend?

The world revolves around youth.

But the world is full of people who’re not kids anymore… and want the opportunity to show that they can do remarkable things too.

So, when you market, pitch older people too. They’re often better prospects than kids.

Also, Hawk and Frank could do things the NASA kids couldn’t because the kids relied on fancy technology. When things got tough, they didn’t have the basic skills to do everything by hand.

When you make money, make sure you don’t get seduced by the dark side of technology.

Make sure you have the basic, money-making skill to win the day… even if your computer dies… or Facebook bans your ad account.

How do you learn those basic, money-making skills that’ll take your income to the stars?


Then, you’ll wind up like Tank at the end of the movie.

On the moon.