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Best Star Wars character ever


Watched the new “Star Wars” movie the other night. Good movie.

It was nice to see most of the old characters again.

But my favorite was missing.

Who’s that?


That little dude is cool.

He can do lots of cool shit. Like lifting spacecraft out of ponds with his mind. Handy skill.

And he seems like a regular guy. For a 3-ft tall, wrinkly, Jedi master.

Doesn’t have groupies or an entourage.

But the thing I admire most about Yoda, is his focus on results.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

A lot like Jean Claude van Damme’s trainer in Kickboxer.

“Kick the tree.”

Winners don’t try. They DO.

They pick the right strategy… the right coach… and do it.

Until they lift the boulder with their mind.

Or kick down the tree.

Or make job-quitting money that makes their families proud.

To make money online, there is no try.

Just DO.


May the cash be with you.