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Bring out your dead…


Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about Monty Python… and what they can teach us about marketing.

For example, check out this classic scene.

That always cracks me up. Specially the last bit.

“Who’s that?”

“Must be a king.”


“He hasn’t got shit all over him.”

So… what’s this got to do with making money online?

A lot, grasshopper, a lot.

Notice the state of most people in the scene?

Not pretty, is it?

And neither’s being a newbie IMer.

And the king (think goo-roo) is in a wayyyyy better position.

No wonder so many newbies will crawl through mud and slime and crap to reach that goal.

But here’s the BIG POINT.

The best way to move from peasant to king online is to build an email list.

And I’ll tell you how to do that in another post soon.

But here’s the thing about email lists that NOBODY ever tells you.

Size DOES matter. But not how you think. A big unresponsive list can KILL your biz.

To make money with email, those emails must be delivered. Duhhh!

But, if your subscribers don’t open your email and click on your links… the big email carriers (like Google and Yahoo) think you’re sending spam… and send your email straight to the spam/trash folder… and your subscribers never see them.

And the cycle continues… until your list is worse than useless. It hurts you.

So, how do you fix this?

If your subscribers don’t open your emails, KILL them. Take them off your list. Unsubscribe them.

They don’t care (after all, they’re not even opening your emails).

And you’re paying for every one of those blood-sucking deadbeats… so whack ’em on the head… and throw ’em on the cart.

It’s the only way YOU’LL survive.

And, if you want less shit in your life… then do what the Black Night would do — Grab your coconuts, gallop over, and CHECK THIS OUT.