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This makes Warren Buffet’s return look like chump change


In case you live in a cave at the top of Mt Everest, Warren Buffet is a bazillionaire who’s either the world’s richest man… or in the top 3 — depending on the year.

And he may be the best stock trader of all time.

If you get an 8% return from the stock market, you’re doing great.

Well, Warren Buffet got a 20% return… EVERY year… for the last 20 years.

He’s richer than Oprah.

And Alex Rodriguez and Bill Gates ask him for stock advice.

So, in terms of money‑making superheroes… he’s like Superman + Batman wrapped up in the Incredible Hulk.

Yes, he’s that good.

But you know something weird?

My returns smoke Warren Buffet’s.

Forget those puny 20%s. If I make less than 100% on an investment, I’m pissed.

And often, I make 300%.

And Buffet’s (Warren, not Jimmy) money compounds every 3 or 12 months.

But mine compounds DAILY.

Think about that for a sec.

I invest $100 on Monday, and make $100 in a few hours. And the money’s in my PayPal account immediately.

On Tuesday, I invest $200. And make $200 in a few hours.

On Wednesday, I invest $400.

And so on.

How much do I have in my account on the following Monday morning?


So, it’s even better than a 100% return… because it’s compounded daily.

What’s this amazing business?

Internet marketing.

And what’s the quickest, easiest way to make a better return than Warren Buffet… compounded daily?