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FBFastCash Report

Click here to download the FBFastCash report and bonuses (zip file).

Well, I hope you enjoyed this info on a simple way to make money online, and the core principles of Internet marketing.

BREAKING NEWSDon’t Run ANY FB Ads Until You Read This Section!

Facebook has become very picky.

If they don’t like your ad or the product you’re promoting, they won’t approve your ad.

And — if they disapprove enough of your ads — they might even shut down your ad account.

So, how can you promote affiliate products without risking your ad account?

Follow these steps:

  1. NEVER ever send traffic directly from FB to a sales page.
    • Every sales pages makes claims, and FB hates that.
    • Send all traffic to a simple bridge page that contains your ad’s headline, a footer like this,

      and a link/button to take visitors to the thing you promised in your ad (i.e., an opt-in/sales page).
  2. NEVER make claims in your ads or on bridge pages.
    • “Make $100 a day…” won’t be approved.
    • “Learn tips and tricks to improve your online business…” will (probably) be approved.

We’ll update the FBFastCash system soon. But, until then, just follow these simple rules, and you should be fine.

If you have any questions about these simple steps… or building simple bridge pages… just send a support email to support [at] fastcashu.com.