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Course Videos

Module 1 — Introduction
Module 2 — The System That Makes Millionaires
Module 3 — Clickbank and Quantcast
Module 4 — Headlines, Graphics, and Copy
Module 5 — Facebook Pages, Interests, and Ads
Module 6 — Bidding, Budgeting, and Split-Testing
Module 7 — My Recent Results With This System
Module 8 — Your Next Steps


How to Create Killer Facebook Banner Ads
Video 1: Big Picture
Video 2: Fireworks
Video 3: Photoshop
Video 4: IPiccy
Amazing Ad Checker
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Well, I hope you enjoyed this info on a simple way to make money online, and the core principles of Internet marketing.

BREAKING NEWS: Don’t use Facebook for affiliate marketing.

Over the last few months, they’ve become super‑tough on affiliates… and might even shut down your ad account.

It’s not worth the hassle.

Use other, safer traffic sources… like the ones I outline in 20 campaigns in a box.

You can still make good money with this technique. But not with FB.

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