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He stopped digging an inch before he reached the diamonds


Here’s a heartbreaking story.

Many years ago, an ambitious guy in South Africa sold everything to dig for diamonds.

Armed with his tools and a map and endless enthusiasm, he went off to the special location to start digging.

He knew in his heart it would work.

He’d done the research.

He had faith.

So, he lived in a tent… and dug in the rock-hard ground from dawn to dusk.

Every day.

For months.

With no break.

Even when he got sick.

He still kept digging.

But he didn’t find anything.

Not a hint of treasure.

But he knew he was right… so he kept on digging.

After 3 long, painful, depressing years, he couldn’t take it anymore.

He couldn’t take the back-breaking work and the terrible conditions and the daily disappointment and the constant ridicule from friends and family who begged him to stop chasing the childish dream and come home.

Eventually, he listened to his friends and family… and stopped digging.

He left that site a broken man.

On his way out of the shanty town, he sold his mine and equipment for the cost of a train ticket home. A pittance.

Then he left his mine and started drinking.

Next day, the new mine owner dug a little deeper and found diamonds.

A mountain of treasure.

Just 1 inch below where the previous owner stopped digging.

What a shame. To be so close and stop just before you find the treasure.

But that’s exactly what happens every day when people try to make money online.

They dig for a while… then stop just before they make it.

What a tragedy.

Here’s a treasure map.

Will you keep going till you make it?

Or stop 1 inch from the diamonds?

It’s your call.