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Don’t let them crush your dream


Ready for some inspiration?

Something to get you through the tough times?

Then grab a tissue… and check out this talent-show audition.

Susan was 47… ungainly… unattractive… and scared shitless of crowds and performing.

And she lived with her Mother.

Unemployed, unloved (by anybody except her Mother), and desperately trying to forget the dreams she dreamed when young and unafraid.

On her deathbed, her Mother made Susan promise to give her dream of becoming a professional singer one more chance.

Suck up the humiliation of rejection… and try one more terrifying time.

Susan promised. And after her Mother died, she followed-through with that promise.

How did it go?

See for yourself.

They ridiculed her… and her crazy dream.

They braced themselves for the torture of her voice.

Yes, they laughed when the music started.

But when she started to sing… the world changed… forever!


The audience… and judges were STUNNED.

She sucked up the nerve to put it all on the line… and the ugly duckling finally became a glorious swan.

Where are those damn tissues?

Most IMers have had similar experiences.

Years of failure, rejection, humiliation.

And most of them stop the torment… and try to forget their dreams.

But the ones who make it to the Promised Land do what Susan did. They keep on giving it one more try until they get a standing ovation from cynical friends and family.

Life’s too short to die with music left unsung.

To let your cherished dreams wither from neglect.

Abandoned because some heartless “friend” laughed at your crazy dream that could change your life… forever.

Don’t let them kill your dream.

Go for it.

And, if you’re looking for something that’ll help you with that dream,