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How to make money with the flux capacitor


Let’s talk about time-travel movies.

The “Terminator” is a cool movie.

But the time stuff is a real brain scrambler.

In 2029, John shows Kyle a Polaroid of his mother — Sarah — then sends Kyle back to 1984 to protect her.

In 1984, Kyle and Sarah hook up… she becomes pregnant with Kyle’s baby — John — Kyle dies… and Sarah takes the Polaroid.

Whoa! How the hell did… and then… and if he’s dead…

Dude, that logic’s seriously messed up.

Now let’s see how “Back to the Future” handles the same problem.

Doc Brown puts Plutonium into a flux capacitor… and when the DeLorean reaches 88 miles per hour… they go to a pre-set time — past or future.

So, the reason why they can travel back in time is because they have a flux capacitor.

Oh, OK. That makes sense.

And they deal with changes back in time by having people fade out of old photos if those people would not be born because of those changes.

So they address the possibility of a parallel universe.

Those two story features make the whole time-travel thingy more plausible.

What’s that got to do with making money?

Here’s an example.

Two stores sell men’s clothing.

Company A offers its suits at 50% off.

Do you buy there?

Probably not. That’s too cheap. What’s wrong with the suits? Must be a scam.

Company B tells you they had a sprinkler malfunction… some of their stock was damaged… and their insurance company gave them permission to sell everything at 50% off.

Do you buy there?

Sure. They provided a strong, plausible reason why they’re offering the reduction.

It’s their version of the flux capacitor.

So, whenever you do something unusual — like offering a special deal or bonus — include a reason why.

Want another money-making example?

OK. This dude will give you a proven money‑making system for sofa change.

Why so cheap?

He wants to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

And he’s confident that lots of people will LOVE the new system, so he’ll do just fine.

Why will you learn how to make money?

Because he’s a master trainer — like Yoda.

The force is strong with this one.

So, as Doc Brown would say, GET THIS… listen to your marketing Yoda… and get ready to go to “Infinity, and beyond.”