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Ever see “Braveheart”?

It’s the story about this Scottish dude who’s fighting for independence from the English a few hundred years ago.

Mel Gibson—the hero—goes through hell to get freedom.

He fights the red coats—or whatever they called English soldiers in those days—loses comrades and friends… and gets tortured.

And those English dudes didn’t screw around with rendition.

Oh no. They did it all in the town square… with an audience.

First, they hang him by the neck till he almost dies.

Then they put him on an old-fashioned version of the rack. No fun.

Then they get this nasty hooky thing and slowly disembowel him.

But does he give in?

Hell no! He makes Rocky look like a wuss.

His dying call is, “Freeeeeedommmmmmm!”

Great movie. Totally deserved an Oscar.

So, why did I tell you this story?

3 reasons (Notice how I always use 3s; remember that; I’ll tell you why in another post).

Telling stories about movies is non-threatening. Friends do that all the time. It’s fun. It’s easy.

I wanted the opportunity to paint a vivid, visceral (literally) picture that would shock and delight you. Modern humans are not as sophisticated as we imagine (remember that).

And… I wanted to take you on an epic adventure of blood, and courage, and impossible odds… and how one brave heart was strong enough to beat those odds and win (sorta).

And that journey is just like the gauntlet every newbie runs in Internet marketing.

There’s pain… and struggle… and it all seems impossible at times. But brave hearts survive and prosper.

They just need some help.

What would happen if Mel had a bunch of tanks and jets and machine guns? Would that help?

Hell yeah! That would be a game changer. It would be an unfair fight.

Well, that’s the sort of unfair advantage you get with my new product that teaches newbies how to make money online.

OK, you don’t get bombs and flamethrowers (maybe the next version)… but you get everything you need to make money online NOW.

Ready for the final twist that wraps up my story and lesson into a satisfying package?

OK, here goes. My new product gives IM newbies everything they need to get what they want most—FREEDOM!

Freedom from an annoying boss… a job that blows… commuting an hour each way… money worries… and embarrassment that your family doesn’t get the good life they deserve… because you don’t have enough time and money and energy.

Are you brave enough to go on this journey?

Will you hang in there through the struggles?

Will you win BIG?

Will you finally get the freedom you want more than life? Just like Mel.

The choice is yours… and yours alone.

Don’t let your country… and town… and family down.