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What does it REALLY take to quit your crappy job?


No alarm clock.

Wake at 10:00 AM.

Spend a couple hours working on your tan.

Play with the kids.

Plan your next vacation.

Send the kids to the park.

Back to bed with your wife.

We all have the dream.

We all want that sort of freedom.

That thrill of giving our families the good things they deserve.

But what does it take to live that dream?

Do YOU have what it takes to do it?

Let’s find out. Answer these 3 quick questions.

1. What’s the best way to get that freedom?
A work for yourself in a brick and mortar store.
B invent something cool, then go on Shark Tank to make your fortune?
C make money with Internet marketing.

If you said A, “BZZZZZT. Sorry, that ideas sucks “(Mark Cuban, Shark Tank).

Real stores cost a fortune to setup, and the margins are wafer-thin. Bad idea.

If you said B, You kidding me! They won’t give you a dime… unless you prove you don’t need it.

Then they’ll take half your income… and make you work 16 hours a day. Really bad idea.

If you said C, you’re onto something here. Cheap to start and run, can scale FAST, and you don’t need to work a lot of hours.

2. Is it better to
A do it your way. Something brand new (like Zuckerberg). Travel the road untraveled.
B listen to experts. Stand on the shoulders of giants.

If you picked A, Good luck with that. 80% of new business fail within 12 months.

And you can always spot pioneers. They’re the guys with arrows in their back.

If you picked B, Good idea. Learn by somebody else’s mistakes.

3. What sort of IM business should you start?
A Authority site with lots of cool content people will love.
B Sell somebody else’s product.

If you said A, Lordy, Lordy. You’ll NEVER see your wife and kids again. And good luck making money churning out mountains of free stuff.

If you said B, Good plan. That’s not how the big guys make mega-bucks… but it’s the best way to start when you’ve got training wheels.

Just let the product owner do nearly all the work, and have all the headaches. You do almost nothing, and keep 50%. A lot like those guys on Shark Tank.

So now you know how to get the life of your dreams.

But how do you get started with this new money making venture?