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I’ll have what she’s having


Ever see “When Harry met Sally”?

Then checkout this video.

Funny scene.

So, what’s this gotta do with making money online?

Everything, grasshopper, everything.

You see, virtually all newbies follow the herd. They have what everybody else is having… in the hope of have an orgasmic experience.


  • Chase one trendy, shiny object after another. WRONG.
  • Give it away for free, and hope they’ll make money somewhere, somehow. WRONGER.
  • Are scared shitless about losing ANY MONEY (even a couple of bucks)… so they waste hours and days and weeks and months on worthless “FREE” traffic. WRONGEST.

I’ll tell you more about those common mistakes in another post… but right now, I’ll just tell you the main reason WHY they’re wrong.

A famous marketer/personal development teacher (Earl Nightingale) said it best.

“Unless you have a proven model to follow, see what everybody else is doing… and DO THE OPPOSITE… because most people get it wrong.”

Smart man, Earl.

It drives me crazy when I visit the Warrior Forum, and read some broke, brain‑dead newbie giving advice on how to make money.

Would you take diet advice from a fat guy?

So why would you listen to some guy who’s never made a dime online… and still lives in his Mother’s basement… and plays “Call of Duty” every spare minute?

Don’t do that, grasshopper.

Listen to somebody who’s done it. Somebody who’s made lots of mistakes and survived and prospered. And who’s willing to show you the way… so you won’t suffer and fail and quit.

Somebody like me.

Don’t just have what she’s having.

GET THIS… and make sure what you’re having is REAL.