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Make a fortune 2 hours at a time


If you multi-task, you lose!

Lots of people proudly say they juggle 5 balls all day every day.

What they don’t tell you is that they drop most of those balls.

Multi-tasking doesn’t work.

Humans can’t do it.

We need to focus on one thing at a time.

If we split our attention between two tasks, we screw them both up.

To make money, you MUST focus on one task for a reasonable amount of time.

Too short, and you won’t achieve anything.

Too long, and you’ll burn out.

The Goldilocks time, and you’ll find gold.

For me — and a lot of successful people — the Goldilocks period is 2 hours.

And during that laser-focused time you
• Turn off your cellphone
• Turn off our email
• Turn off Facebook
• Turn off your music
• Close your door
• Start your timer

No distractions. Laser focus. Then you’re done.

What can you achieve in 2 hours a day?

Bazillionaire novelist John Grisham used to work as a lawyer… and he wrote for 2 hours every morning before he went to work.

And he didn’t have a fancy office or equipment.

He wrote on legal pads in the laundry room of his tiny house.

Every morning.

With that little writing period, he wrote a book in 9 months.

And became a bazillionaire.

When should you spend your 2 hours?

In the morning… before you get tired… before the day gets out of control.

And what should you do in that 2-hour block?

The #1 thing that makes money for your business.

For Grisham it was writing 1,000 words of a novel.

For me, it’s writing emails or video scripts.

What’s the 1 thing that’ll make you most money?

If you have an existing money-making business, focus on that.

If you don’t, GET THIS… and spend your 2 hours a day on the most important parts of this proven money‑making system.