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The old bull and the young bull


Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, an old bull and a young bull were walking along a high cliff… when the young bull spotted a herd of cows in the valley below.

He turned to his companion and said, “Look at those fine cows down there. Let’s race down and screw a few.”

The old bull shook his head. “No my friend. Let’s AMBLE down…
and screw the LOT.”

What’s the moral here for new Internet marketers?

Don’t chase after every bright, shiny object you see.

Give it some thought… select the right approach… then take your time… hang in there for the long haul… and DO THE JOB PROPERLY. It’s way more satisfying!

So, why not follow the old bull’s advice… and amble over to
check out my new course.

You probably won’t hook up with a bunch of bovine beauties.

But you’ll make a lot more money.

And won’t have to stop eating steak.