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Risks of flying south for winter


Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, the weather turned cold… and all the birds flew south for the winter.

Well, nearly all the birds.

One lazy bird couldn’t be bothered with all the packing… and travel plans… so he put off the flight south… and kept on partying.

Then one day a huge blizzard struck his town.

And he finally decided to head south with all his friends.

So he started flying through the blinding, freezing snow.

But his wings soon got covered with ice… and he struggled to fly… and he finally dropped like a stone to the ground below.

Where he lay in a frigid ball… and waited to die.

Soon, a cow came along — running away from a young bull — and she stopped near the frozen bird… turned around… and crapped all over him. And buried him in a 3‑foot steaming pile.

The bird was not amused. “Well that’s just charming. First of all I fall from the sky. Then I’m trapped on the ground freezing to death. Then a cow craps all over me. What else can go wrong today?”

But… as he was feeling sorry for himself… he started to feel warmer.

Then eventually, he felt really toasty. He felt great. And he was so happy he wasn’t freezing to death… he started singing.

A fox heard the singing… came over to the big pile of crap… and dug the bird out.

“Oh, thanks so much Mister Fox. Thanks for getting me out of that pile.”

The fox smiled. “My pleasure.”

Then he ate the bird.

What’s the moral of this story?

Everybody who craps on you isn’t your enemy.

And everybody who pulls you out of the crap isn’t your friend.

And when you’re feeling good… and up to your neck in crap… keep your mouth shut!

What’s the moral for newbie IMers?

Don’t go by first impresions — Check out the offer before you make a decision.

And don’t keep putting off learning how to make money because you don’t have any money.

You’ll wind up like the procrastinating bird.

And there’s really no need to dawdle… because I’ll teach you
how to make money for sofa change.

You probably won’t get as much exercise and fresh air as the bird.

But you won’t wind up covered in crap.

Or guest of honor at a fox’s dinner party.

All round, my new system’s a much better deal.