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How Rocky REALLY became the champ


Rocky I v Apollo Creed was brutal.

15 rounds of blood and pain and eyes closed with twisted tissue
(“cut me Mickey”).

But that was nutttin’ compared with what Sly went through to get the part.

In 1970, Sly was evicted from his NYC apartment…
and lived in a bus station.

Then he landed a porn role… and made $200.

It wasn’t much, but he needed the money, so he looked for more film work. Preferably with his pants on.

He couldn’t afford a gym, so he snuck into a junk yard at night… and worked out with pieces of metal and cinder blocks.

It was tough to get film work, so he cleaned cages at the zoo, and worked as a hairdresser and an usher at a cinema.

He wasn’t homeless any longer… but he was broke. So he sold all his wife’s jewelry to pay the rent.

You don’t need Dr Phil to tell you that puts a strain on a marriage.

And they couldn’t afford to feed his dog Butkus, so he sold him — for $50. Broke Sly’s heart.

Kept trying to get film work. Visited EVERY agent in the city… 3 times.

Couldn’t land a job.

But he refused to stay down.

Two weeks later, Muhammad Ali fought a journeyman boxer Chuck Wepner.

Wepner lasted 15 rounds with “the greatest”… which was a hell of an achievement.

Sly was inspired by the David v Goliath story, so he wrote a film script based on the idea.

A film studio loved the script, and offered Sly $125,000.

Sly said, “Sure! As long as I get the lead role.”

They refused. And mentioned his inexperience and strange accent. Then offered him more money.

He wouldn’t budge. “You want the script, then I play Rocky.”

The studio kept increasing the offer, until they reached $350,000 — a fortune for Sly and his wife at that time.

Sly wouldn’t back down. No part, no script.

Eventually, the studio offered $35,000 for the script… and let him play the part.

Sly accepted.

Then he went looking for Butkus.

He offered the new owner $50 for the dog.

The new owner refused.

Sly kept increasing his offer.

At $3,000, the guy was on the edge. So, Sly offered the money plus a role in Rocky.

Sly took his best friend home… then tried to explain to his wife how a $350,000 offer turned into $35,000… and why he paid $3,000 for a dog.

Fast forward to today… and Sly’s net worth is $400 million.

His negotiation worked out just fine.

So, what’s the moral of this story?

Trust yourself.

If you really want it… and you’re ready to work for it… and keep getting up whenever you’re knocked down… you can do it.

Just like Sly.

And when you come across something good… something life‑changing…

For a homeless guy in the 70s, that game‑changer was the Rocky script.

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