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He woke up sobbing… and his wife couldn’t console him





He couldn’t bear to look in her eyes.

Or think about the kids he loved more than life.

They needed him.

Trusted him.

And he failed them all.

It was HIS job to make the money in the family.

To bring in the money for food and clothes and little ballet dresses and toys and vacations.

And he failed.

Failed all of them.

And he couldn’t bear to look in their trusting little eyes.

It was HIS job to bring in the money.

And he hadn’t made a dime in 18 months.

Even worse, he’d wasted over $100,000 in that time chasing a dumb dream.
It was the worst day of my buddy’s life.

Now — in the interest of full disclosure — I should tell you that my buddy wasn’t broke.

No, he had plenty of money. He was an Internet‑marketing star.

He wasn’t gonna lose his house.

But losing so much money so fast… and not bringing in the money his family needed… scared the shit out of him.

What if the terrible trend continued?

They’d be ruined.

What went wrong?

My buddy stopped what worked so well for many years, and tried something new, trendy, sexy.

And — like so many of those trendy new things we all hear about every day online — this was a bust.

Funny really.

Even seasoned pros occasionally fall for the siren song of the shiny object.
And they suffer… just like everybody else.

So, what did my buddy do?

Go on Dr. Phil?

Whine about his terrible luck to his buddies in the pub?

Blame the economy or Donald Trump or his ADHD?

Nah. He took responsibility for the problem… returned to tried and true (proven) money‑making techniques… and started down the road to recovery.

To the place where he could look himself in the mirror again.

And look in their trusting little eyes without cringing.

And finally feel good about himself… and what he was doing for them.

What happened?

In a few weeks he started making money again.

A little at first — he was rusty.

But then he started building momentum.

And then it all started to click.

Soon, he was making MORE money than before he chased the shiny object.

And the days of self‑doubt and worry were gone. Forever.

Then he started thinking about taking his kids to Disneyworld.

And taking his long‑suffering wife on a second honeymoon to Hawaii.

She stuck with him through the tough times. She deserved her time in the sun too.

And he started looking at Italian racing bikes.

What’s the moral here?

Don’t chase shiny objects!

Stick with the classics. They’re classics because they work.

Keep it simple. Simple is usually better.

And when you find something that works… for you and your family…

What did my buddy do to stop the pain… and make his life even better than before?


You should too.