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There’s no crying in marketing


Watched “League of Their Own” the other night. Good movie.

Those women worked HARD for everything they got.

Played double headers in the scorching sun.

Wore little skirts… and accepted torn-up legs when they slid into bases.

Sucked up ridicule from male fans… and husbands.

Took kids on the team bus because their husbands were too busy to mind them.

A lot like Internet marketing.

But the current crop of IMers aren’t nearly as tough as those women who played baseball.

Ever visit the Warrior Forum?


It’s full of whiny, crybabies who moan about how hard it is… and how X is out to get them… and why Y is a scam… and all manner of pathetic excuses for why they’re not making money.

Hey crybabies! You wanna know the real reason you’re not making money?

You’re not working hard enough.

To paraphrase another great baseball movie — Bull Durham — you lollygag around the bases, you lollygag in the outfield, you lollygag through life.

Is that assessment too tough? Too brutal?

Then suck it up! There’s no crying in IM!

Do you think those women baseball players threw a few balls, chatted a bit, then went to brunch?

Hell no!

They found a good coach. Did EXACTLY what he/she said. Then worked on their craft EVERY DAY.

Are you ready to make money in IM?

OK. Here’s your coach and game plan.

Now get to work.