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Is Donald Trump a Muslim?


Hitler was a Jew.

Roy Cohn (the chief tormenter of gays and communists in the 1950s McCarthy inquisition) was gay… and maybe a communist.

Several pious priests abuse small boys.

So, whenever you hear somebody take a strong line on a position… you’ve gotta wonder why.

Are they hiding something?

Is it the big lie?

What’s really going on?

OK, that was like the start of a political debate.

Debating experts will recognize my technique as the Texas Longhorn approach — A point here, a point her, with a whole lot of bull in between.

Overall, I HATE political debates.

So, the US Presidential primaries is like my private version of hell.

But I watch them. All of them.

Am I a masochist?

Nah. I’m a marketing student.

And all politicians are selling something — themselves.

So how do they do it?

Just like successful direct‑marketers (Internet marketers are part of that distinguished group).

With these steps.

1. Grab attention with a big claim or shocking headline.

     * Muslims are terrorists. Mexicans are criminals and rapists. Check.

2. Tell an emotional story.

     * “I helped a coal miner who was wasting away from black lung, and he couldn’t get his health benefits.” Check.

3. Make the complex seem simple… manageable… easily achievable.

     * Build a big wall, and make Mexico pay for it. Check.

4. Paint a pleasing picture in the prospect’s mind.

     * Make America great again. Check.

5. Call to action.

     * Vote for me. Check.

So, a political debate/speech is really just a long video sales letter.

And — if you can stomach all the ugly name‑calling and racial slurs — you can learn a lot from them.

Of course, if you want to learn all those things… and how to make money with those skills… there’s an easier way.