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Who can I trust?


Recently, a subscriber asked me how to find an easy money‑making system with a mentor he can trust.

Here’s a short version of my response.

Hi Anthony!

There are 2 parts to my answer. The first is quick and easy. The second is trickier, and will take a bit of soul searching.

Let’s start with quick and easy.

The safest way to start making money online is to work with a well‑known, seasoned pro with lots of products and a great track record.

Check out Michael Cheney. He’s a friend of mine… but I’ve worked with him a lot… and know he’ll look after you.

Here are 2 of his products I recommend for newbie affiliate marketers:
* Commission Machine
* Commission Blackops

If these look good, pick up the front‑end product… but DON’T get any upsells until you’ve tried the first product. You can always get the upsells later.

That simple strategy will make sure you limit your outlay to something small (like $20)… and you won’t get caught up in buyer’s heat.

So, that’s the easy part of my answer.

Now for the tricky part.

Everybody who’s struggling to make money is worried about who they can trust.

Is it a scam?

Will I lose money?

Will I look like a fool?

Successful people don’t care about any of that.

They know some products will suck. They accept that sometimes they’ll spend $7 for a product, and get almost nothing from it.

But they just don’t care… because they know that’s the ONLY way to make it online… and it’s way cheaper than college.

Successful people accept those things as a cost of doing business, and learn as much as they can from as many people as possible.

They limit their total outlay to something they can afford (like $10-$20)… and have faith that they’ll win eventually.

People who worry a lot about trust and scams, rarely do anything.

They suffer from “paralysis by analysis” on steroids… and just curl up in the corner.

Successful people — like billionaire Richard Branson — treat opportunities in a completely different way. Check out this Branson story on my blog.

So, here’s what I’d recommend:

  • Decide how much you can comfortably afford to spend every week.
  • Spend it on front‑end products (< $20) every week to get a cheap education.
  • Find some mentor you like.
  • Work with that mentor within your comfortable budget until you make it… or decide to try something else

The best way to explain this mind‑set is with a quick story.

In college, I played tennis… and lost every match.

I was fit and had enough skill, but was too worried about losing to give myself a chance to win.

So, one day I tried something different. I assumed that I’d lose the match… and just relaxed… enjoyed the wonderful day out in the sun… and just kept the ball in play for as long as possible.

What happened?

I lost the first set.

But my opponent was getting tired (I was way fitter)… so I won the second set.

Then, in the third set, I hit the ball back and made him run more… and won that set too… and the match.

After that revelation, I used the same tactic every match… and never lost again.

Keep that in mind when you try to make money.

And, when you’re ready for an inexpensive system to start making money online, check this out.