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Women like hair on your what?


I was reading Hustler in church the other day…

Whoa Nelly! Let’s back up a bit here.

What’s the most important part of an email?

The subject.


If your prospects don’t read your subject, they won’t open it or click on your click. So, you’re screwed.

What’s the second most important part?

The First line.


Well, it’s a continuation of your story (like the first paragraph of your novel, or the first scene of your movie)… and it’s shown in the display panel (before prospects open the email).

If you can intrigue them with the subject and first line, they’ll probably open your email.

How do you make a subject or first line irresistible?

Add curiosity. Preferably with two things that don’t normally go together. Like Hustler in church.

It elicits the WTF response, and people have gotta click to satisfy their curiosity.

Questions help too.

So, what’s this gotta do with making money online?

You want more than this mini masterclass is writing money-making emails?

OK, grasshopper, I’ll give you one more freebie.

What’s the best place to get email subject ideas (see, another question)?

Magazines. They employ some of the best copywriters in the world. And magazines make most of their money with teaser copy (headlines) on the cover.

Don’t swipe those headlines (that’s illegal and uncool)—Model them.

I modeled this post’s headline from a popular men’s fitness magazine. It stopped me dead in my tracks, so there’s a good chance it’ll stop email skimmers too.

How do you learn this stuff without paying me thousands of dollars in private coaching?